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Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most severe and dangerous accidents so far. Most motorcycle accident victims suffer severe injuries like neck and head injuries. When an accident takes place, it is easy to shift blames across to poor road conditions or negligent car drivers. However, here are a few common causes of motorcycle accidents all over the world.

Negotiating Bends

Most accidents result from a miscalculation by the riders the size and shape of the bend. Most riders usually assume that the road will be clear and that the bend will not be very tight. When the rider realizes that the bend was not as wide as they thought and that they can’t enter the corner at speed, they reach out to their breaks. Therefore, riders should study the surroundings before negotiating a bend at speed.


Most motorcycle accidents result from riders who decide to overtake without calculating on the space in front of the slow moving traffic. Besides, most riders also lack the knowledge concerning the capabilities of their bikes. Therefore, riders need to look for a safe place when overtaking so that they can return to their carriageway in the event of a miscalculation.

Slippery Road

It mostly happens during the winter when snow is falling. Snow is cold, wet and slippery. Therefore, if you have to ride during winter, you need to check the state of your tires. You should never ride on snow it is snowing.

Common motorcycle accident injuries

Most motorcycle crashes lead to severe injuries. Therefore, motorcycle accident victims should not overlook the injuries no matter how minor they look. All victims involved in the accident should get medical attention to have their bodies check on by a doctor. Some of the injuries can be life changing since some victims end up with disabilities. Besides, the medical treatment can be costly. Here are common motorcycle accident injuries

Head injuries: the only way to avoid head injuries is by wearing a helmet. Neck injuries are also common since motorcycles lack seat belts to assist in absorbing the impacts.

Skin Damage: road rash is caused when a victim slides across gravel or cement after an accident. It can lead to nerve damage, loss of skin, and infections among others. Riders should use kneepads, jackets, elbow pads, and gloves to avoid road rash.

Permanent Muscle Damage: muscle damage can be painful, and it can cause an effect on your mobility for the rest of your life. Riders need to wear protective gear to prevent accidents.

Other Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries:

  • Biker’s arm
  • Leg injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Motorcycle Accident Liability

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to accidents because they lack protection against cars, dangerous weather conditions, distracted drivers, and other road hazards. It can be hard to prove who is at fault in a motorcycle accident. It is not easy to determine who is at fault instantly. Therefore, going through a legal process will help determine the liability. That explains why victims should hire a motorcycle accident attorney to help them go through the judicial proceedings and get compensation from the liable party.

Benefits of hiring experienced motorcycle accident lawyers

A motorcycle accident attorney works for a contingency fee. This means no fees if you don’t recover. That means that if the client does not win the case, then they will not pay the lawyer’s fees. However, you will be required to pay for other expenses not related to an attorney’s services like medical costs.

We have experience assessing claims. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorney has expertise in dealing with cases similar to yours. We will advise you on all the procedures. We will also tell you if the case is worth pursuing or not.

Alternative dispute resolution may be an option. Complicated and lengthy trials are not always necessary. In such cases, the motorcycle accident attorney will offer alternative solutions without compromising your settlement.

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