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Are There Defective Takata Airbags in Your Neighborhood?

In the United States, 14 people have lost their lives to defective Takata airbags. These units contain an inflator that uses the same chemical used in the Oklahoma City bombing, and this explosive can, under certain circumstances, prove too much for the metal container to handle. If it goes off, it can spray metal shards all over drivers and passengers, causing serious injury or death. Worse yet, neighborhoods here in Riverside and the rest of Southern California is at a higher risk of encountering these defective safety devices.

How Do Defective Takata Airbags Put Your Neighborhood at Risk?

Automakers have recalled around 43.1 million Takata inflators since this nightmare began, and on January 8th, they added 3.3 million more inflators to that list. So, how many of these dangerous devices have been found and repaired so far? Only 18.5 million, which is around 43 percent of all the recalls since 2001. That means more inflators are out there, and it may surprise you to learn that they could be in your backyard.

The chemical used in these inflators becomes unstable when exposed to high temperatures and humidity. This is common South California weather, making these devices extremely volatile in our area. The next issue making these devices dangerous is that some have been lost on the used car market. That means many used cars could be driving around with this deadly airbag model, and the driver may not know anything about it. So, what can you do to protect yourself and your family?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a website where you can check the VIN of your car. Honda, the manufacturer most affected by the recalls, is sending agents into neighborhoods on foot to identify these cars. So, if a representative from Honda approaches you about your airbag, pay close attention to their instructions. If you discover that your car does contain one of these defective airbags, don’t try to repair the vehicle yourself. A victim sustained major injuries after her airbag went off during a repair. She had replaced her recalled Takata unit with another unit from a salvage yard—that replacement was also a part of the recall and injured her when it went off.

Due to the size and nature of this recall, there may be even more injuries and death that no one knows about. That means it’s important for those injured in car accidents to get in contact with an attorney. There are legal options available for Takata victims despite the company’s bankruptcy. Auto manufacturers are now compensating victims, and if your life has been shaken by this defective safety device, you deserve that closure.

Posted on Thursday, February 15th, 2018

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